JAYA EP Release

The full EP `Happy With That` from Jaya has been released today, and shares the uplifting spirit of their single ‘Love is a Bird’ which was released earlier this month. Not only is it just as feather-light and free but is combined with a slow warmth that seeps into your skin. With their EP released you have to wait no longer to hear them yourselves whether through your headphones or in person as they will be touring Europe.

“It’s been one of those days, one of those weeks

Who knows, maybe it’s one of those years”

‘Own It’ is a slower paced, contrastingly down hearted compared to their first track and single ‘Love is a Bird’. The song mixes the acoustic with the clean electric guitar sound that compliment each other with the juxtaposing twinkle of strings and a deeper groove. The vocals bring a high to the low of the moody melody and it has everything you need to hear in a slow song.

“I made that choice, I cut those chains, I covered those scars and

I walked over that bridge and into someone else’s arms”

‘Over the Bridge’ begins with delayed and reverb effects on the twinge of low pitched guitar strings. The softest of vocals gives the song a gentle sound, and if you were looking for a heavy fast paced song then look in the other direction, because this song is the epitome of delicate and hypnotically delightful. This song sounds like the leaves falling off of trees and silently falling to the ground, and has the crunch that you expect, in this case the beat of the drums that gives the sound a passionate rhythm. The electric guitar provides a flare to the otherwise light and timid track. Their last track ‘Ordinary People’ is similar to this in the way it has a bright airy feel with a tempo and depth that gets its momentum as the song continues but has a piano that livens the heart of it.

“So many mountains, that look like mole hills now”

‘3 Wise Monkeys’ is much like the first song with its strong vocals and catchy rhythm. This has intriguing licks of ethereal guitar tones that bring colour to the vintage vocal reverb and deeper underlying guitar rhythm. The EP is like an apple, with its coloured outer edges and softer, sweeter innards.

“Young boy talks to a wise man, says, ‘Sir I, I don’t know what to do’

The wise man turns to the young boy says, ‘Son. Maybe you could learn a thing or two’”

Here`s how to find them:

  • Facebook: facebook.com/jayatunesmusic
  • Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jayatunes
  • Twitter: twitter.com/jayatunes
  • Instagram: instagram.com/jayatunes
  • Email: jaya@jayatunes.com

Look out for their tour dates!


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